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KDL’s Toys for Sale!

Some of you guys may be interested in bidding for my hard to find toys. They’ve never been opened and have been gathering dust in my bodega. Might as well have somebody else enjoy them as I can’t bring them along when I migrate. Gimme a good price so I don’t have to donate them … Continue reading

His Higness’ Decree (KDL’S Twitter)

What The F@$% Marf?! ( Marf’s Tweets)

  • BF Concha Cruz Traffic lights, mas lalong nagpapatraffic. Agree or disagree? 1 month ago
  • May kilala akong HIV positive na nagpunta ng Boracay for this weekend. Ingat lang. #Laboracay2017 2 months ago

Skwalker’s Rants (Lu Skywalker’s Twitter)

The Disenchanted weekly album

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